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Re: Mini-PCI WifiCard experience?

Dne, 19. 01. 2011 11:09:03 je Michelle Konzack napisal(a):

OK tnaks, found the Link to the "ipw2200" and the
non-free firmware is provided by the Debian Project.

If at all possible, do not go with non-free firmware binary blobs, even if provided in Debian-related repositories (in addition, non-free is not even Debian, strictly speaking -- it's just a "service provided to the Debian users"). Binary blobs can not be debugged/improved/enhanced by Linux developers and, as a result, may lead to unreliable operation, lock-ups, disconnects, unimplemented features, slower speeds, lower operating range, or all of the above. When that happens, the manufacturer WON'T help you, and the Linux developers CAN'T. So you'll be pretty much fscked. I know, I use a broadcom card with a proprietary driver and it's a living hell.

Really. Go with a free driver if at all possible, you'll be happy you did.

Does someone know, whether the 2915 support the AP mode (hostapd)?

Can't help you with the specific model, but there are two things I know:
1. manufacturers may change chipsets without prior notice -- so specifying a model, without seeing a lspci dump first, isn't always enough. 2. the BackTrack site has a very nice user-provided database of wireless cards/chipsets including the supported modes of operation (which may depend on the driver used).


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