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Re: [Fwd: install Lenny on ASUS A8JM ?]

2010/11/25 Alexey A Nikitin <moonwalker@syrius.us>
2010/11/25 Klistvud <quotations@aliceadsl.fr>:
> Dne, 25. 11. 2010 07:27:16 je fred napisal(a):
>> The only issue is with the Qbittorrent 2 install. There is version 1 in
>> Lenny depots. Have tried several 2.X.deb, and 2.X.tar.gz with deps build
>> before and nothing to do. Is it a way known here to achieve this install
>> without upgrade or update to Squeeze ?
> You can try enabling the squeeze repositories in your sources.list, and
> seeing what aptitude has to say about qbittorrent. If it doesn't object to
> it (or bring in a ton of dependencies), you can install qbittorrent and then
> disable the squeeze repository.

Enabling repositories only temporarily will eliminate advantage of
updates. May make sense to setup apt-pinning - try googling it, there
should be good tutorial among first few links. Alternatively, you can
go with temporary repository and then change "lenny" to "stable" in
/etc/apt/sources.list. Or indeed just upgrade to testing/Squeeze and
be done.
One possibility is to have both repositories in sources.list
and add the following in apt.conf :
APT::Default-Release "lenny";

The only drawback is that you'll have both lenny and squeeze package list download at update time.

Doing apt-pinning can really be tricky and is just not relevant most of the time.


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