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Re: Squeeze - Can't connect to wireless router

It started working magically. I don't know how, but suddenly network manager found all networks around and connected sucessfully.

Now I have a strange problem. Everytime I want to connect to something - doesn't matter if it's web, APT, IRC, IM, ping or anything, it takes a while (several seconds) trying to resolv the address, like if the DNS is very slow. After that it goes normally.
It's normally with any other distro or OS.

Doing a quick google search I found many complaints about that in Squeeze. One suggests adding 'options single-request' to /etc/resolv.conf. This is it: http://www.mail-archive.com/debian-user@lists.debian.org/msg560847.html

But isn't that file overwritten automatically?

2010/6/16 Otto <ottoteixeira@ig.com.br>
> do you have firmware-iwlwifi installed?


Sorry, Dirk, I couldn't test yet what you suggested. Tonight I'll see if that makes any difference and I'll also paste here my /etc/network/interfaces.

2010/6/15 Dirk Linnerkamp <dirk_linnerkamp@vodafone.de>

Hi Otto,

Am Montag, den 14.06.2010, 22:40 -0300 schrieb Otto:
> Hi, I installed Squeeze yesterday and did a aptitude full-upgrade, but
> I can't connect to my wifi router.
> The card is a Intel 3945ABG, which used to work fine in Lenny.

> It's weird I can see the router with iwlist scanning but can't
> connect.
> I also tried without WPA, using iwconfig wlan0 essid linux and still
> couldn't get the AP associated.
> Any suggestions?

...those things mostly happen whef your wireless configuration isn't
correct., for example the wrong "pair-wise" or  "group" parameter .Then
you get connected but immediately are disconnected again.

But before changing something:

When you run your command "wpa_supplicant" with the -c option you should
give it the full path-lenght as a parameter, for example:

 => "wpa_supplicant -Dwext -iwlan0 -c/etc/wpa_supplicant.conf"
or whereever your config file is located. Put this also into your
"/etc/network/interfaces" to the wlan0 interface block if you are not
using network-manager or wicd as i presume.

Try this first.

Best regards

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