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Re: Battery monitor tools?

On 4/19/2010 2:29 PM, Bob Proulx wrote:
Joe Emenaker wrote:
I'm looking for a good battery charge/discharge profiler tool for my
Ubuntu laptop.
Of course I am sure that you know you are posting about Ubuntu to the
Debian laptop mailing list?  The least you could do is to lie to us
and say you are running Debian when posting to a Debian list.  :-)

Well, I maintain about 4 Debian servers... and I've been using Debian almost exclusively ever since the .deb packaging system got rolled out (yeah... waaaayyy back). Because Ubuntu is a derivative of Debian (in the sense that just about anything available for Debian is either also packaged for, or the Debian package is installable on, Ubuntu), and also because we in the Debian crowd have better kung-fu than those lame GUI-installer Ubuntu-ites...... *and* because I've already been subscribed on this list for several years.... I figured I'd ask here.

There are some useful tools available though.  You might look at 'ibam'.

Yeah, I saw IBAM, but it looked like it just generated plain ol' .png files or something. I was hoping for something a little more snazzy.

- Joe

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