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Battery monitor tools?

I'm looking for a good battery charge/discharge profiler tool for my Ubuntu laptop. I'm aware that there's the "Power History" tool, but it doesn't seem to do what I'm after. I'll explain....

A couple of years ago, I came across a really neat tool for Windows for estimating the time remaining until the battery is completely charged or discharged. It was pretty clever about how it went about it. It would constantly record things like: how much charge the battery said it still had, how much the battery said it was charging/discharging at, etc. The tool would use this info to estimate the time to charge/discharge... /but/ it also went one step further. It could account for errors in the battery's reporting. For example, if the battery reported that it had 80% charge left, and then, a few minutes later, reported that it had just 20% left, then this tool would learn this, and realize that the battery was old/problematic. So, the /next/ time the battery was reporting 80% charge left, the tool would know not to give too optimistic of an estimate for the remaining time. In other words, the tool was learning what "80%" /really/ meant to that battery.

It also did something else which was really cool. Because the battery drains at different rates depending upon what you're doing with your laptop (ie, playing a DVD on a bright screen versus just reading some text on a dimmer screen), this tool would actually show you "best case" and "worst case" predictions of your remaining battery life (or time to charge back up) based upon /actual/ discharge rates from /that level/ of battery charge remaining that it had experienced on /that/ laptop. So, you'd open up the little power-discharge graph tool and you'd see three lines: a best, a worst, and one in-between which was what rate you're currently at.

So, two questions:
1 - Does anyone know what tool that was? (Yes, I know this is a Linux forum but, as long as I'm describing the tool, I figured I'd ask. It's not the PassMark one. I thought it was called BatMon or something, but now I can't find it anywhere). 2 - Does anybody know of a tool that does this in Linux? Or, is there some way to get the Gnome power-history tool to show this kind of stuff?

- Joe

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