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Re: Debian squeeze on Samsung N220: almost working very well but no control of brightness

On Sun, 21 Mar 2010 15:29:01 +0100, Martin Ågren <martin.agren@gmail.com> wrote:
> A post for the archives...
> I have now installed Squeeze on Samsung N220, but since my experiences
> (and hardware!?) differ a little, I'll add to Eric's report:


> I got AR9285 instead, using ath9k. Modules loaded and

Interesting.  Different network cards in the same model and in the
same region (Europe, that is).  Anyway, I hope it continues working.

I've had a few problems with wireless working after suspend but not in
a reproducible manner.  The module for the wireless is still under
development, from what I understand, so this isn't surprising.  It's
not a major worry as re-booting fixes it and doesn't take that long.


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