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Re: Debian squeeze on Samsung N220: almost working very well but no control of brightness

A post for the archives...

I have now installed Squeeze on Samsung N220, but since my experiences
(and hardware!?) differ a little, I'll add to Eric's report:

> I did the following:
> 1. using unetbootin, I created a usb flash drive boot disk using the
>   current version of squeeze (aka testing) with the netinst iso image.
> 2. I booted this and let the installer do its work.  I did have to go
>   into setup to change the boot order.

My network connection died towards the end, when I was about to
install grub. I could perhaps have solved it with some debootstrap
knowledge but lacking that, I copied these packages via a memory stick
into /var/cache/apt/archives: grub, grub-common, grub-legacy, grub-pc,

> 3. everything but wireless (and my problems with screen brightness)
>   worked out of the box.  for wireless, after checking the boot logs
>   (dmesg), I realised that the wireless was being recognised but that
>   the kernel module (r8192_pci) was missing the firmware it needed.

I got AR9285 instead, using ath9k. Modules loaded and
network-manager-kde brought everything up. Logs seemed successful,
etc. The only problem was that I couldn't do much -- not even ping.
Well, I could ping the access point, but not very reliably. I'd been
fighting with this for quite some time when it literally solved
itself: while I turned my back on the netbook, something changed...
I've skimmed the logs, but haven't figured it out. Let's see what
happens with this over time...

> I like this computer:

Totally agree. I'm not as uncomfortable with the keyboard as I thought
I'd be. The right shift key is small, but I'm sure I'll get used to
it. For some reason they've moved the "<>|" key to a completely
unheard of location (I'm using a Swedish keyboard) but that too should
be possible to adjust to.

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