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Touch screen not working on HP tx1301au (tx 1000 family)

I have a HP tx 1301 au. Debian squeeze(testing). Every bit of hardware has
been configured. But my touch screen with the evtouch drivers is not working. I installed the propreitory drivers from eeti(eGalax touchscreen). Though my touch screen started working, it made my system unstable if input is given through it for more than 10 minutes.

The error I get when using the calibrate program provided with the evtouch driver is
zenity ***** GTk warning  No display found. I changed the display variable to 0 and then the calibrate program will start the X server, but later it is killed and again the error is
"No display found".

The same was working greate on Debian lenny and also Debian etch for the past years

Pls help me out. 

V. Srinivas

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