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Re: setting sensor limits fails

I also have the same hardware as you and the same kernel in amd64. Is this relative to lm_sensors? I never got them to work...

I don't think this should be a threat to your laptop, the sensors only read temperature (and other data) they don't interfere with the working of the CPU, hard drive or other components. I think you have no reasons to worry.

2010/2/1 Nima Azarbayjany <i.adore.debian@gmail.com>
Hi there,

On a recent install of Squeeze I get a message that "setting sensor limits" fails.  I am wondering whether this can be a threat to the hardware and if there are any workarounds for this issue.  I am running the amd64 2.6.32 kernel from testing on my HP Pavilion dv5 laptop.



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