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Re: broadcom-sta-source driver problem

On Tuesday 19 January 2010 19:56:25 John Kapnogiannis wrote:
> Hello there. Well I hope this is the correct list to post this. I got a
>  dell studio 1555 with a dell wireless 1397 (broadcom 4312 rev 01)
>  wificard. I am using the broadcom driver cause as far as I know there is
>  no alternative. I installed the driver as descirpted in debian wiki with
>  module assistant and then modprobing the wl module on every boot.
>  Everything was working fine until an upgrade a couple of days ago. The
>  packages broadcom-sta-source andt broadcom-sta-common upgaded from version
> to (actually the last digit is different which
>  I thought would fix any supposed bugs existing -although I didn't have
>  any). After the upgrade I used the module assistant to build the module wl
>  again with the updated version of the driver. Well everything went just
>  fine. The problem is that after the first reboot and then I couldn't see
>  the eth1 network interface which is my wireless. As if the driver is just
>  not working. I searched a little for a bug report and I didn't find
>  anything. I currently have switched back to the previous driver version
>  and everything is normal again. Any ideas why the updated driver doesn't
>  work for me?
> Thank you :)
> John

As a first guess, your inface must be, now, wlan0. You can check that with 
ifconfig or iwconfig.

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