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broadcom-sta-source driver problem

Hello there. Well I hope this is the correct list to post this. I got a dell 
studio 1555 with a dell wireless 1397 (broadcom 4312 rev 01) wificard. I am 
using the broadcom driver cause as far as I know there is no alternative.
I installed the driver as descirpted in debian wiki with module assistant and 
then modprobing the wl module on every boot. Everything was working fine until 
an upgrade a couple of days ago. The packages broadcom-sta-source andt  
broadcom-sta-common upgaded from version to 
(actually the last digit is different which I thought would fix any supposed 
bugs existing -although I didn't have any). After the upgrade I used the 
module assistant to build the module wl again with the updated version of the 
driver. Well everything went just fine. The problem is that after the first 
reboot and then I couldn't see the eth1 network interface which is my 
wireless. As if the driver is just not working. I searched a little for a bug 
report and I didn't find anything. I currently have switched back to the 
previous driver version and everything is normal again. Any ideas why the 
updated driver doesn't work for me?

Thank you :)


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