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Re: what laptop to buy

2010/1/18 Daniel Dalton <d.dalton@iinet.net.au>:
> Hi all,
> I'm having great difficulty in finding a laptop suitable for my
> needs. I'm vision impaired and a student, so primarily will use the machine for
> school, and at home.
> Here is what I'm looking for: good debian linux support, including wifi,
> ethernet, sound, and the general hardware of the machine.
> I'm looking for something fairly recent, so I've got half a chance at
> locating one in Australia, but any suggested models would be greatly
> appreciated. I'm looking for  something with a core 2 duro around 1.6
> ghz or more, and I want something with really good battery life, perhaps
> 5 hours or more. I have about $1,000 to spend give or take. Finally, I'm
> going to be carrying it around school every day, so portability is
> important to me.
> So basically it must have:
> - Good debian support including wiffi
> - core 2 duro 1.6 ghz or more
> - Good battery life 5 hours or more.
> I've been looking mainly at lenovo, hp, del, acer and maybe tosheba.
> Any suggested models would be greatly appreciated.

Dan, you should definetely ask the computer retailers in your area
about Debian (or just mention Linux) support on the laptop. Even
though chances are slim that they will bother making a recomendation,
if we do not let them know that there exists a Debian / Linux market
then they will never offer Debian-compatible laptops for sale. Right
now we are at the stage where we must let them know that we even

Good luck!

Dotan Cohen


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