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Re: How to turn the screen off, while working in console

Aioanei Rares wrote:
Krzysztof Walkiewicz wrote:

I have a problem: lately i work just in console (to do my job I do not need to run the X, and this is quite old laptop), but I cannot figure out, how to turn the screen off (lets say after 5 minutes without touching the keyboard).
Does anybody have an idea, how to do that?


Some BIOSes allow you to do that, AFAIK. Other than that, I remember an option in NetBSD's /etc/rc.conf (different startup system compared to Linux) which allows one to do that. There must also be a way to accomplish this in a SysV-based machine.

I found a half-solution:

I added to my .bashrc file:
alias von='sudo vbetool dpms on'
alias voff='sudo vbetool dpms off'

This is a half-solution, because I need to type my password (after 15') while my screen is off - because of 'sudoers' file.

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