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Re: wireless failed to connect after upgrade ...

On Thursday December 31 2009 6:07:09 am Sebastian wrote:
>  aku@hexbrex:~$ lspci | grep -i ath
>  02:00.0 Ethernet controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR5001\
>  Wireless Network Adapter (rev 04)
> I'd be most interested to hear of anybody that has one of the
> ath(_pci|5k)-cards and got it working properly with either madwifi and
> kernel>2.6.26 or the native linux drivers. Please mail me, either on
> this list (if appropriate) or @ following address:
> levi.vibes@gmail.com.

I have this same wireless card and it had been working *perfectly* out of the 
box with the ath5k kernel module until recently. I updated my sid system 
Tuesday, which included some libraries but not a kernel update, and now my 
wireless connection refuses to reconnect to anything. The very first time 
(starting from a fresh boot) I attempt to connect it works, but all subsequent 
times it fails until I reboot or reload all the related modules.

I am also using wicd. I upgraded wicd to experimental, and the issue still 

(Being the holidays,) I am at a relative's house, and they are using some 
funny router from Verizon. It is possible that the issue is on the router's 
end, or that it is some combination of issues between my laptop and the 
router. At this point I am thinking that it might that the combination of a 
buggy router and my system is causing the problem.


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