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HP docking station problems


I've just installed Squeeze on an HP Elitebook 6930p, and for the most
part, it works. However, I also have a docking station, and I routinely
lug this laptop between my desk and a variety of docking stations hooked
up to lcd projectors around campus. If I boot up while attached to a
docking station, it seems to work ok, but if I hibernate, and
attach/detach from the docking station, when I resume the X resolution
is incorrect, and sometimes I lose the display entirely. If I can
manage, killing and restarting X will fix the problem, but it's
difficult to do that if I have to enter the command line codes without
seeing the command line while I do so (i.e., the monitor is completely

I've tried googling for suggestions, without luck. I'm not sure what the
source of the problem is, xorg, xrandr, something else? I know I haven't
given you enough information to fix the problem, but if someone could
suggest where I should start reading/tweaking, that would be very



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