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Re: Safe install

Hi Sayeh et al,

Am Dienstag, den 29.09.2009, 10:45 +0330 schrieb Sayeh Ebrahimi:
> With the Ubuntu installer, no I didn't. I guess I should have. But
> given that I was installing on a second blank disk drive, I didn't
> mind whatever happened to that drive. I presumed that my second drive
> would have its own master boot record on which GRUB would be installed
> and the installer did properly recognize both drives with windows
> installed on the first drive. I admit that I made a stupid mistake; as
> Amir and Dirk suggested, I should have not trusted automatic
> installation and proceeded with manual.

I think GRUB did recognize both drives and also the windows OSon the
.....the problem with automatic insatllation is, that they seldom fit
one's own needs, be it Ubuntu, open SUse, Windows even Debian, because
it always shows you a "default - mode" and this means "using the first
disk for installation" or something like that. At least this is my
experience. But even if you choose it, before the installation process
will start, the installer lets you know about what it intends to do and
how it would organize the partitions on your drive...but never mind..I
made a similar mistake often enough..

> But at the same time, I was wondering if GRUB is at all compatible
> with the way thinkpad's master boot record is set, so that Rescue and
> Recover (tm) can be called at boot time. Clive's experience suggests
> that GRUB can live peacefully with a thinkpad's master boot record
> factory settings, or maybe he didn't install GRUB on the master boot
> record?

....but what..? I didn't know that there is any different of the
master-boot-setting in a ThinkPad than in any other Notebook. Every hard
disk has a master-boot-record in its first sectors. And normally that's
the place where every OS, and surely windows, would set its boot
location, if you don't advise it otherwise...
.....or do you mean the ThinkPad's special "Hidden Partition Area" HPA?
However, that's not a master boot record, I thought, but only a
"Recovery Tool" to put the drive back into its originally condititon. So
i think GRUB did well, regarding its "automatic installation -mode"...

Best wishes

> -- Sayeh
> On Tue, Sep 29, 2009 at 1:53 PM, Aioanei Rares
> <debian.dev.list@gmail.com> wrote:
>         Did you try expert install or...?

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