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Re: Safe install

Hello Sayeh,

No Thinkpad but I've installed Debian and Windows vista on the same HDD of my HP Laptop. It is possible without destroying the original "win-vista-recovery-partition" on the disk, if you have, as well as the windows partition and its boot-section.. Before installing Debian *I let windows* reduce the space of the windows-partition which originally occupied the whole disk and used the new free space for installing the Debian System.

Be aware to to choose "manual installation" of your deb. system, make the partitioning of the free disk-space and finally let debian install the grub bootloader in your master-boot-record of your drive. After robooting, you'll have the choice between both operating systems to boot.

Best wishes Dirk

Sayeh Ebrahimi schrieb:
Hello all,
Has anyone installed Debian on a Thinkpad without destroying the original Windows/Service partition, or the original master boot record needed to access the Rescue and Recovery?
Sayeh <sayeh405@gmail.com <mailto:sayeh405@gmail.com>>

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