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Re: Touchpad middle-click

> > Hey I think the driver for the synaptics touchpad was removed from
> > testing yesterday :o. Right now my touchpad doesn't work as it
> > should(No
> > scrolling and tapping). Maybe removing the driver in testing (cause
> > there was no version in unstable to migrate) was a mistake??

>I hit the same thing yesterday, i didn't know the synaptics driverwas
> removed - but that would certainly explain the problem.
> I did this to fix it, restart X and hal afterwards:
>Rasmus Toftdahl Olesen <halfdan@halfdans.net>

Unfortunately that didn't work for me. Any other ideas?? In any cause I
think a bug report should be made. The problem probably exists in all
synaptics users so if someone installs squeeze he won't be able to use
his touchpad properly. Do you agree?


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