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Question about your Website


This is Tanya Ballard.  I’m contacting you on behalf of my website portableprojectors.biz.  I found your page http://www.mail-archive.com/p5ee@perl.org/msg01242.html while looking for pages about about infocus projectors that might make good link partners.

Would you be interested in a link exchange with my website?  I use text links as the form of linking, and I would be happy to offer you a link on my homepage or one of the inner pages.  

I hope this is something you will consider!  

Here is my site info:  

Title- infocus projectors   
URL- http://www.portableprojectors.biz/infocus-projectors.html  
Description- Find deals on InFocus LP120 and LP70 portable projectors.   

Best Regards, 

Tanya Ballard  

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