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Re: HP Pavillion dv 6000 special keys dead after a couple of updates

On Fri, May 29, 2009 at 10:23:17 +0300, Jason Filippou wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I own an HP Pavillion dv 6000. Anybody who's ever seen a laptop of this line
> will understand what I mean by "special keys": A set of touch-sensitive (I'm
> not sure how to describe  it, think of a key you can just tap to activate,
> you don't need to actually press it, much like a touch - screen monitor)
> keys placed above the f1, f2, etc keys whose purpose is mainly to manage
> media (open default media player, rewind movie or song and stop/pause movie
> or song, among others). They also make an annoying noise when one activates
> them, but that doesn't have anything to do with the OS, but more with the
> design choice of the hardware designers.
> Normally I wouldn't mind that all of those keys seem to be dead after a
> couple of updates, but I usually manage my volume from the three respective
> keys (volume up, down, and mute) so I'm a little bit concerned because right
> now I'm not able to manage my volume at all. What I mean by "dead" is that
> while I understand that they're not broken (due to the little leds
> underneath being active AND the annoying noise always being there), Debian
> doesn't seem to be able to 'read' them at all. Again I say that this
> behavior has been observed lately, after a couple of general system updates.
> It used to work fine after my first updates, when my system was relatively
> fresh. The problem maniifests itself in both GNOME and KDE sessions.
> I'm running Debian Squeeze.

I don't know any details about the Pavillion special keys, but I would
say the first step is to check if pressing these keys leads to keyprees
events being detected by "xev" or "acpi_listen".

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