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Re: frequent X crashes

Johan Sandblom wrote:
> I am running Debian unstable on a Lenovo Thinkpad X61. I dist-upgrade
> frequently. Since about two weeks I get thrown out of my X sessions a
> lot, and then I have to log in again, which of course is very
> annoying. No specific precipitator of the crashes has become evident,
> but it appears to happen mostly (but not exclusively) when watching
> video with either vlc, smplayer or ogle.
> At about the same time as this started, I noticed that I no longer
> have access to other virtual terminals through Ctrl-Alt-F1 and
> similar. Trying to access them either causes X to crash or does
> nothing, randomly.
> Does anyone recognize these problems, and if so, is there a solution?
> Sorry for the vague descriptions instead of a proper bug report, but
> since I cannot find a way to reliably cause crashes, I do not know
> what package to file a bug against. It is most likely some part of the
> X conglomerate of course, but it appeared to me that the lack of
> virtual terminals could be related and I do not even know what package
> handles that.
> Regards, Johan
I've got the same machine running squeeze and haven't experienced
anything like what you're seeing.  I'm using xdm and xfce4; I tend to
use realplayer and flash (in Firefox) for video.

It might help to give a bit more detail on your X environment.



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