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Re: Lenny. How to add WPA encryption to installer?

On 2/26/09, Frank Lin PIAT <fpiat@> wrote:
> On Thu, 2009-02-26 at 21:09 +0300, Mark Goldshtein wrote:
>>         Mark Goldshtein wrote:
>>                 On 2/26/09, Robert Goley <ragoley@> wrote:
>>                         Not sure about this on the Lenny installer.
>>                         If the wpa_supplicant command exists, you can
>>                         probably write out the config file by hand and
>>                         start up the wireless  interface by hand.
>>                         Definitely the longer way to
>>                         do it...
> WPA isn't supported during the installation of Debian. Only WEP is
> supported.
> http://www.debian.org/releases/stable/i386/ch03s03.html

Yes, think so. Seems to be strange a bit. Isn't WPA (or WPA2) a widely
used encryption method?

>>                 Not sure if any extended commands/utils are existing
>>                 in installer. I was unable to locate even something
>>                 simple, like 'top', etc.
> Debian installer isn't a full Debian system, it is a tiny set of tools
> (a few Mb).

Sure. I think it will be no harm to add something really useful for
console, though.

> Simply Install a Debian Desktop from CD/DVD, then enable the wpa.
> Note: That's odd, but gnome CD1 (debian-500-i386-CD-1) don't have the
> package wpasupplicant (so you also need CD2).
> on the other hand, debian-500-i386-kde-CD-1 and debian-500-i386-DVD-1
> does have it.

Done. I am in :) It works, as it seems for such brief look as I have.

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