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Re: Lenny. How to add WPA encryption to installer?

Mark Goldshtein wrote:
On 2/26/09, Robert Goley <ragoley@> wrote:
Not sure about this on the Lenny installer.  If the wpa_supplicant
command exists, you can probably write out the config file by hand and
start up the wireless  interface by hand.  Definitely the longer way to
do it...

Not sure if any extended commands/utils are existing in installer. I
was unable to locate even something simple, like 'top', etc.

Let's name it 'Plan Z'.

I would recommend using a live cd (preferably Kubuntu Live
Install CD)  and then install Lenny using debootstrap.  That will give
you wireless access for the install process to start.  Once you have the
base system installed, getting wireless setup and installing the rest of
the packages is a breeze.

Would you, please, point me to these 'howtos' or 'mans'? I am a rookie
and need big red letters to understand a thing.


Thanks a lot!

On Thu, Feb 26, 2009 at 8:44 PM, Robert Goley <ragoley@> wrote:
I forget the exact link but look in the articles on the www.debian-administration.org website.  They had the last tutorial I used...

I believe that will be a subj we've talking about:

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