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Thinkpad T23 external VGA port problem


I recently got a Thinkpad T23 (S3 Inc. SuperSavage IX/C SDR (rev 05)
graphics adaptor) which works very well with Lenny.  However, I have
problems using the external VGA port.  According to the Thinkwiki[1] I
tried to use "s3switch" to enable / disable the output to internal LCD
and external CRT. The wiki page mentions a needed patch for  the
s3switch tool; the link is dead, but I found a patch a [2] (patch
applies quite clean; with an offset of 4 lines).

Works so far so good; although I still get some segfaults from time to
time (but at least I'm able to enable external CRT).  What I haven't got
working so far is to enable *both* internal LCD and external VGA port.

Every time I try that, the external CRT is enabled and the internal LCD
get's black and I get a segfault :(

Has anyone got that working or knows a working patch for s3switch  for
an IBM Thinkpad T23? Or is there an other solution?

Best regards,

 1: http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/S3switch

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