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Re: Samsung NC10 and Samsung P55-Pro [was: Re: Samsung NC10]


On Wed, 2009-01-07 at 19:30 +0100, michael r wrote:
> Well, I built a custom 2.6.28 kernel, because of the updated ath5k
> driver (afaik you need to use madwifi on 2.6.26)
> you can use "xbacklight" to set the backlight of the lcd panel, there is
> only one problem, I discovered that if you start the nc10 with
> ac-adapter plugged in, the screen is brighter than
> if you start it with battery power, after booting linux on battery power
> you can't set the screen to the full brightness, even after you plugged
> in the ac-adapter.
> I also haven't yet discovered a way to disable the wifi card and the
> webcam, they both seem
> to run all the time, sucking my battery power :-(
> Does anyone know how to disable those two?

I am experiencing the same problems on my Samsung P55-Pro, which
indicates that these models probably handle those things in a similar

I can add something to the backlight problem: When resuming from suspend
to disk the backlight usually is not at full brightness, but when booted
with ac plugged in it can be set to full brightness. However, I cannot
change the panel brightness (ie. lower it) after setting it to its

Also the brightness indicator that seems to come with gnome always shows
that the brightness is at 0 percent when trying to change it, even
though the brightness is at maximum.

Additionally I guess it's worth noting that this system does not come
with an Atheros based wifi adapter but rather an Intel one (IPW3945), so
the wifi switch problem is likely unrelated to the adapter itself.

I am well aware that this is not fully related to the NC10 and the exact
problems you are having with it, but maybe someone has a fix for my
model that also works with yours or vice versa.



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