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Re: Samsung NC10

Well, I built a custom 2.6.28 kernel, because of the updated ath5k
driver (afaik you need to use madwifi on 2.6.26)
you can use "xbacklight" to set the backlight of the lcd panel, there is
only one problem, I discovered that if you start the nc10 with
ac-adapter plugged in, the screen is brighter than
if you start it with battery power, after booting linux on battery power
you can't set the screen to the full brightness, even after you plugged
in the ac-adapter.

I also haven't yet discovered a way to disable the wifi card and the
webcam, they both seem
to run all the time, sucking my battery power :-(
Does anyone know how to disable those two?

btw: there is a (minimal) howto for fedora 9 and 10 on tuxmobil.org --

Dean Chester wrote:
> Hi <dean.g.chester@googlemail.com>
> I am wondering if anyone has had any success with debian on the NC10
> as i recently got given one to use. Was there any special measures to
> get the machine to work?
> Dean

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