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Re: Debian Etch and half

On Thu, Dec 25, 2008 at 10:15:50AM -0800, jeffry killen wrote:
> I got Etch 4.0 r5 for 32 bit (i386) system. Perhaps I should have gotten
> the 64 bit version?

shouldn't matter

> I have Ubuntu 8.04 installed on the machine at present. Is it possible
> to get a driver designation and feed it to the Debian installer?

depends on CDD/DVDD type - anyway try all possibilities:

check /proc/cmdline for any hint on special boot params, as described in
 Documentation/ide/ide.txt and Documentation/cdrom/ide-cd in kernel src tree.
check dmesg output 
Note that that might depend on kernel is use, ubuntu's might have loaded/
compile-in an specific IDE driver that allows for drive recognition.
To get details on your drive: 
for USB you'd use lsusb(1), then  lsusb -d <ID> -v
for SCSI (usually includes USB storage), lsscsi(1): lsscsi -cv
for *IDE/ATA* try hdparm(8), hdparm -i /dev/<device>
but cdrecord(1) should yield enough info, try 1st:
% cdrecord -scanbus
% cdrecord dev=ATA: -scanbus
and see what devices you get, and which devID your drive is assigned, then
% cdrecord dev=<devID> -inq
% cdrecord dev=<devID> -prcap
% cdrecord dev=<devID> -atip


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