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battery performance lower then..

First I want to wish all of you happy holidays and a good time to
whatever you are celebrate.

First I was running Gentoo in my Lenovo ThinPad z61m.
Got bored with the long wait at installing software etc.

Since I changed from gentoo to debian lenny the display performance and
also the battery performance is lower then before.

I have the standard battery which comes with the laptop and also a
battery in the "ultra-Bay" slot. (see details below)

Usually working time (including power on, one or two suspend or
hibernate) was ca. about 2h or less.

Without any interrupts (no power down and hibernate/sleep) the time
would be close to 3h.

Ok it sometimes affects what I do and which programs I run.
So the above times are just the "felt" times. I did not do any tests and
compared the result or stuff like that.

The software I use is the same as I was using on gentoo
(gnome,FF,TB,Zend,vim etc.)

So my question is, what can I do to improve the working time and what
can I check if something is not working as it should.
eg. if there is some "special-debian-power" package or some general
power saving settings which I'm not aware of.

I know this is some very common question, but I think I miss something,
so any answer, even ones with some should have done tasks are welcome.

Battery details:
Product: 41u4890
Verndor: Sony
design charge 29.2Wh
charge Rate: 14.3W

(main) battery 2 details
Product: 42t4502
Vendor: Sanyo
design charge: 56.2 Wh


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