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Re: WiFi para Debian en LapTop ACER

On Fri, 12 Dec 2008 01:29:38 +0100
"Jonas Andradas" <j.andradas@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> I'll do my best to translate this message to English:
> "Hello :)
> My Acer laptop has a built-in WiFi, but lately it does not work very
> well. I am going to disable it through the BIOS. Thus, I have to buy a
> new WiFi adapter, I don't know wether USB or PCMCIA. I want that,
> during Debian install process, this adapter would be properly
> recognized and configured without any problems, in order to be able to
> use a Netinstall.
> Would a Linksys work? Other brand(s), model(s)? What would you recommend?

Brand names mean nothing; you need the chipset information.  Here's a
good resource:


You'll want a card that doesn't need non-free firmware (i.e., not
Broadcom), since Debian won't ship it, and to get such a card working
during installation is tricky, since you'll have to leave the standard
installation to get the firmware from somewhere else onto the machine.

Atheros used to have excellent support with Madwifi, but that won't be
available during installation, AFAIK, since it's also non-free.  It's
now supported by the in-kernel ath5k / ath9k drivers, but not all
chipsets are supported yet, IIANM.

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