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Re: Debian Etch and a half

> On Sat, 2008-11-22 at 14:40 -0800, jeffry killen wrote:
>> O.K., I downloaded the netisntall cd image and burned it to
>> a disc as data file iso 9660.
>> I put it in the cd/dvd tray and entered bios setup to tell
>> the system to boot from cd.
>> I started with the dhcp connection attempt and failed
>> saying it did not get any offers. So the system switched
>> back to the system on the hard drive and boot normally.
>> This was with the netinstall image.

How did you burn the CD? You must burn the .iso as an image, not burn
that file to the CD. Try reading the CD from your operating system. Do
you see several files or just a .iso file?

Things are not as simple as they seems at first.
		-- Edward Thorp


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