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Re: HP/Compaq NX5000 laptop Broadcom network card problem

Hello Bret!

Bret Busby schrieb:
> I have an HP/Compaq NX5000 laptop, that I dual boot into Windows XP
> Pro and Debian 4.0.
> The network access is okay with Windows XP, but works only 
> intermittently with Debian.
> "Ethernet controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4401-B0 100Base-TX (rev
> 02) "

Got exactly the same thing in my laptop and it works quite fine (with
sarge/etch/lenny/sid), the module is b44.

There is only a conflict of some modules, if I want to have wireless
also (only possible with ndiswrapper), which I did not sort out properly
They have to be loaded in the right order to work properly.

This is what I found out so far:
b43 is loaded automatically (not suitable for the wireless) instead of
ndiswrapper and prevents the wireless card from working, because there
is conflict with ssb.
To get both network cards working I did the following:
modprobe -v -r ndiswrapper
modprobe -v -r b44
modprobe -v -r b43
modprobe -v -r ssb
modprobe -v ndiswrapper
modprobe -v b44

You may be interested in the wireless WPA2 solution also:

I hope that can help you a bit,

Martin Weis
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