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Re: Fw: Re: wireless on an old Thinkpad 600

Le Wed, 29 Oct 2008 09:04:28 -0700, Robert Smith a écrit :

> Bernard,First, you are working with a system (Sarge) that is
> out-of-date. I would recommend loading Etch with a lightweight desktop
> like XFCE due to the TP600's limited resources. If I am not wrong, the
> TP600 (I used to have a 600e) has a max of 256MB RAM. It would not hurt
> to upgrade it. The main reason that I suggest Etch over Sarge is updated
> hardware support.

I kwnow that Debian Sarge is outdated. Upon upgrading from RedHat 7.2 -
much older yet - I first installed 'etch'n a half', but I ran into
troubles as far as Xwindow was concerned. Browsing docs on the Internet
revealed that a number of users had numerous problems with 2.6 kernels on
old laptops. I then attempted to run Debian Sarge on my laptop. Sarge is
the system that runs my Desktop, with no problems. With Debian Sarge on my
laptop, I also had problems with XWindow, but I still could work on it,
while on Etch I could barely do anything : the fvwm screen did not even
allow an 'Xterm'.

Now that late trials and mishaps have made my Sarge out of practical use,
I have been willing to reinstall... which process seems to be, if not
impossible, at least more difficult ever since yesterday or so. Packages
are no longer available for install, except, maybe, at a new address which
I don't happen to know as of now. I have therefore re-re-installed Debian
Etch, even though it is not quite the same version as before : it is no
longer called 'etch and a half', but 'Etch40r5'. It happens to be the same
mess as far as X11 is concerned. My present day questions will therefore
concern X11 problems as a start.

This laptop used to run perfectly under 'fvwm' under Xfree86. I have never
liked or sought anything like 'Gnome' or 'Kde', which I found too slow,
buggy, useless and too much resembling Microsoft Windows desktops. fvwm
had my preference, and I found it wonderful for my purpose. I want no more
than that. As previously said, this laptop ran fvwm perfectly under RedHat
7.2. Same on RH7.3. On Debian Sarge, I had been able to run a very limited
fvwm, still Xterms were generated on demand, and I could do useful work
that way. On Debian Etch, on the basic fvwm Xorg screen, as previously
said I can't even get an Xterm !

What tests or other diagnosis would you advise me to run so as to be able
to debug my Xwindows problems ?

I have the xserver-xorg-neomagic installed and reckognized. Synaptics does
not reckognized my built-in mouse, but another generic software does
reckognize it... for anything else I simply don't know. My Xorg.0.log file
does not say anything that I can easily understand, but I could forward it
if necessary. 

Once I can get a workable environment under Etch, I will get back to my
Ethernet/Wireless/Router installation problems.

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