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Re: debin installation problem

On Thu, Oct 9, 2008 at 6:40 AM, Alexandr Kosarev <manager@kalexandr.com> wrote:

I try to install debian to my notebook Amilo L
After boot(kernel load) from CD, cooler stop work and laptop turnoff power, because CPU get big temperature. As result I can not install debian - installation take little more time than CPU needed to get big temperature.

Before time I tried to install Ubuntu and have same problem.

How I can keep running my cooler?
Please advice.

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A few degrees change in ambient temperature is significant.  Here in San Francisisco, the normal range is 55F to 65F.  My Thinkpad normally runs at 100F to 115F.  When we have warm days; for example, in the 75F to 85F range; CPU temp hovers in the 125F to 135F range.  Move to a cooler area if possible; open some windows.  This might not solve your problem entirely, but it's a start.

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