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Re: Laptops and Virtulization

On Tuesday 23 September 2008 15:03:08 Clifford W. Hansen wrote:
> On Tuesday 23 September 2008 21:51:03 Joseph Rawson wrote:
> <snipped cause it was getting long ;)>
> > I figured that there would be problems bridging wireless devices.  This
> > is why I didn't reply to you on your first couple of posts.  When I saw
> > the script that you wrote, and saw that it uses eth1, that's when I
> > figured that you weren't using wireless.  I'm a absolute noob when it
> > comes to using wireless. I'm on my third laptop using built in wireless,
> > and I still have yet to actually use it further than testing it in
> > windows to see if it works before I install debian.
> >
> > I'm sorry, from what I was reading, I was thinking that you were just
> > going to use regular ethernet to run you're VM's.  The only thing I know
> > to do to get the VM's available over the wireless is to use DNAT and port
> > forwarding. This might be ugly, since you may have to use different port
> > numbers on the wireless, and that might be harder for the other machines
> > on the network.  I don't know what you are using the VM for.  If you're
> > using the VM for web development, you may want to look into configuring
> > mod_proxy, then you can reach the VM over a standard port with a slightly
> > different url.  It's been a long time since I've done that myself, but
> > it's pretty easy to setup.
> Yea I've made that mistake a couple of times re: ethx
> I'm currently looking in to the ipw2200-ap drivers, these might solve my
> problem, cause it seems like you can only bridge a wifi card that can act
> like a AP. hopefull I come up with a solution.
Good luck with it.  :)
> As for what the VMs are, basically:
> 	1. Debian dev server (needs to mount NFS and other bits and peices so DNAT
> would be a nightmare :(
It was quite a few years ago, but I had to run an nfs server off of my laptop, 
and I was using shorewall.  There are options to specify the ports that are 
used by rpc.mountd and rpc.statd .  You can set these options 
in /etc/default/nfs-*  (I just looked at /etc/default/nfs-common and found a 
link to the debian wiki, which may help a bit. -- 
http://wiki.debian.org/SecuringNFS).  I just looked at the page and it's 
pretty good.  It would have been nice if there was a wiki back when I was 
trying to figure this out on my own.

> 	2. A winbloze test box, unfortunately still need to test that IE can read
> the sites.
I run windows on the VM's also.  I'm getting closer to making an automated 
network installer that will install windows machines.  I'm not sure if you've 
experienced any problems using windows on the VM's yet, but I have to enable 
the IO APIC option on the XP and Vista VM's.
> Will keep the list posted...

Joseph Rawson

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