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Re: Laptops and Virtulization

On Tuesday 23 September 2008 21:51:03 Joseph Rawson wrote:
<snipped cause it was getting long ;)>
> I figured that there would be problems bridging wireless devices.  This is
> why I didn't reply to you on your first couple of posts.  When I saw the
> script that you wrote, and saw that it uses eth1, that's when I figured
> that you weren't using wireless.  I'm a absolute noob when it comes to
> using wireless. I'm on my third laptop using built in wireless, and I still
> have yet to actually use it further than testing it in windows to see if it
> works before I install debian.
> I'm sorry, from what I was reading, I was thinking that you were just going
> to use regular ethernet to run you're VM's.  The only thing I know to do to
> get the VM's available over the wireless is to use DNAT and port
> forwarding. This might be ugly, since you may have to use different port
> numbers on the wireless, and that might be harder for the other machines on
> the network.  I don't know what you are using the VM for.  If you're using
> the VM for web development, you may want to look into configuring
> mod_proxy, then you can reach the VM over a standard port with a slightly
> different url.  It's been a long time since I've done that myself, but it's
> pretty easy to setup.

Yea I've made that mistake a couple of times re: ethx

I'm currently looking in to the ipw2200-ap drivers, these might solve my 
problem, cause it seems like you can only bridge a wifi card that can act 
like a AP. hopefull I come up with a solution.

As for what the VMs are, basically:
	1. Debian dev server (needs to mount NFS and other bits and peices so DNAT 
would be a nightmare :(
	2. A winbloze test box, unfortunately still need to test that IE can read the 

Will keep the list posted...

Thank you,

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