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Re: Lenny(Etch upgrade) on Thinkpad R61: Fn keys and sound issue

On Wed, Jul 16, 2008 at 12:25 PM, Franklin PIAT <fpiat@bigfoot.com> wrote:
> On Wed, 2008-07-16 at 11:33 +0530, umesh debian wrote:
>> I recently upgrade Etch to Lenny using apt-get dist-upgrade after
>> changing all etch occurrences in sources.list. I am facing problems
>> that were there is Etch also, mainly the Fn+* keys not working
> Which keys aren't working ?
> Currently almost all my keys are working. IIRC, I had to define some
> keys in gnome menu>System>Preferences>Keyboard Shortcuts.
> I should review my instructions on the page, but you can still have a
> look :
> http://www.klabs.be/~fpiat/linux/debian/Lenny_on_Thinkpad_T61.html#Keyboard
> (Thinkpad T61 and R61 are the same machines. just different cases)
>> and sound not working(HDA intel).
> On the same page, check the "Sound" section, especially "No sound after
> upgrade ?". (basically, the mixer settings are wrong).
>> Had gone through a lot in internet regrading installing packages such
>> as tpctl, tp_smapi, etc and Alsa divers for sound. Still i am not able
>> to bring these up on the Laptop.
>> Alsa already has a bug report regarding problem with HDA intel PCI
>> sound. is there a workaround?
>> If anybody has done successful changes for R61 in this regard, please reply.
> A happy user of Thinkpad T61, with sound and keyboard shortcuts.
> Franklin

For me the Brightness keys are important. They are not working. Aso i
alsaconf, which gave error that no suitable PCI cards were found. I
even checked the Mixer settings for the PCM, MASTER settings. I set
Mixer for HD Audio intel and enabled both Heaphone and speaker
buttons. Still nothing. Can u give a step by step info on how u made
it work?

Thanks and regards

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