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Re: Disabling autoload of wlan module?

Florian Kulzer wrote:
On Sat, May 24, 2008 at 02:44:15 +0200, Thomas Neumann wrote:
Things that did work:
| install ipw2200 /bin/true
`-- /etc/modutils/local-powersave

Too well. Well the module wasn't autoloaded, but manual loading isn't possible either. Obviously.

I think that

modprobe --ignore-install ipw2200

should work to load the module manually. Maybe that is an acceptable
workaround, in combination with keeping the "... /bin/true" directive in
the configuration file.

I'm looking for a nice and clean way to disable autoloading. Just
autoloading. I do not want to remove the module from the kernel tree
because I need it from time to time. I do not like to do an rmmod,
because that feels like a kludge.

I've settled for the kludge. (rmmod) But I rewrote it a bit. When requesting a different network configuration the script checks now whether the module was previously loaded, and either loads or unloads it appropriately. This way I can change from a network to a mobile configuration and back and the wlan module is always in the right state.


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