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Re: want to speed up laptop

Bob Proulx wrote:
Could you explain further how the MTA on your laptop is the
bottleneck.  That seems very strange to me and I can't think of how it
would be a bottleneck.

My computer was hanging at "starting MTA:" for quite a long time (minutes). I double checked that I had the mail server correctly configured, but for some reason it never cleared up.

If you want to remove the MTA all together then instead of doing that
you might consider installing 'nullmailer'.

thanks. i didn't know about "nullmailer". i checked and Exim was pulling a lot of load.

i have been using zsh recently and it has worked pretty well so far.

"worked pretty well" is great but unfortunately not something that can
be measured or quantified.  When talking performance it is numbers and
data points that really speak clearly.  If possible anyone who is
trying to do system speedups should measure a data point both before
and after.  Otherwise random noise into the system can really cause
confusion and misinterpretation of the results.  I caution this
because in past experiences I have seen people make optimization
changes without data that actually had the opposite effect and slowed
things down!

very true.  sorry for pitching my current shell preference. :D

as it now stands my laptop is now going from the GRUB screen to graphical environment (FVWM-Crystal) in just under a minute. compared to the previous average of 2.5 minutes this is very nice.

ideally i would like to get it down to around 30 seconds, but i think this is a very good start.

Arrant Drivel - really, it's just trash...

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