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Re: Sound Not working on T61

On Sat, Jan 26, 2008 at 11:20:11PM -0800, Jos Collin wrote:
>      to play audio  files using mplayer/ xmms. But the sound is coming

try some simpler apps from terminal, eg

% play /your/(sample)sound/file


% mpg321 /your/(sample)sound/file.mp3

also try mplayer from terminal, check it's output log - 1st close all xmms 
and mixer app(lets) instances. Try rexima(1) as a minimal text-mode mixed,
and/or alsamixer(1). Check for <headphone> settings (on some boards you
need to disable it to hear from spks). 
If that weirdness is mplayer's only, check its ~/.mplayer/config and 

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