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Re: soporte HP PAVILION TX1000

On Fri January 4 2008, Douglas Flores wrote:
> I installed Debian Sarge, I found some information on the Internet that
> shows the configuration for Fedora.
> But I want to Debian Sarge, I do not want to switch Distribution.
> See Link:
> Http://www.cnpbagwell.com/Tx1000/HomePage
> Douglas Flores.
> "Linux no es Alternativa, es Solución"
> Asterisk Users #1009.

Any particular reason why you want to stick with Sarge ? that is the old 
stable release. Debian Etch is the current stable release and it has much 
better hardware support.

Most of the components in your laptop will work on Etch 'out of the box' 
though I guess for the broadcom wifi card, it'll be better to use ndiswrapper 
and the windows driver but that's just my preference.

If you really want to stick with Sarge, at least install a new kernel from 

And provide more data. What is working on Sarge at the moment ?
What is the kernel you have ? outputs of lspci and lsusb ?

Also please send replies only to the list.

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