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Re: external keyboard not recognized

--- Phill Atwood <me@phillatwood.name> wrote:
> I have a Toshiba Satellite M70 Pro laptop.  I bought
> an Nspire external
> keyboard.  My laptop doesn't recognize it when I
> plug it into one of the
> USB ports.  I also don't get any lights coming on
> when I hold the caps
> lock key.  But if I plug my USB cordless mouse into
> the USB port on the
> external keyboard itself, my mouse works fine.  It
> also doesn't seem to
> get recognized under my windoze boot either. 

The keyboard is not recognized under either Linux or
Windoze, but the USB wiring is good, because your
mouse being recognized. Hmm, my first instinct would
be to replace the keyboard with another like model and
see if there isn't a physical problem with the
hardware. It could be bad but still passing along the
USB signal from the mouse.

I'd also try a different model USB keyboard just for
giggles. I believe the key is that the keyboard
doesn't work under either OS.

Rob Smith

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