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Video file doesn't work in my notebook through projector

Hi all,

 I have Sony VZN-17GN notebook. Previuosly it was not
working with projector, later by adding the following
lines in the xorg.conf file i am able to use projector

Option 	?MonitorLayout? ?CRT,LFP?
Option		?Clone? ?true?
Option		?Devicepresence? ?true?
Option 	?MonitorLayout? ?TMDS,LVDS?
Option		?CloneMode? ?1024x768?
Option		?OverlayOnCRT? ?on?

And now I have another problem with projector. Any
video file like .wmv, .avi, .mpeg etc, when I am
trying to play in totem movie player, its not
displaying anything in the projector output except a
blank screen where as in the laptop (notebook) its
playing well. Only this file in projector output is
not displayed anything, and all other screen contents
are displayed well.

Can some one please help me in finding why is this
behaviuor ?

Thanks & Regards,
Indraveni K,
CDAC - Chennai,

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