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iwlwifi howto for Intel 4965 and 3945 cards

Hi all!

I recently wrote up some instructions on how to install the new Intel iwlwifi 
drivers under Debian Etch or Lenny. For those not in the know, these drivers 
are the only way to get the 4965 chipset working under linux or are an 
alternative for those using the 3945 chipset and who don't like the binary 
regulatory daemon.

The instructions are based on our experiences talking people through the 
process on #debian as well as my own personal effort setting up a new laptop.

It seems that in one or two more kernel development cycles, the iwlwifi driver 
will be in the mainline kernel and these steps will be unnecessary, but for 
the meantime, enjoy:



Stuart Prescott                 www.nanoNANOnano.net

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