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Re: lcd luminosity keys disabled

thank you for your interest in this problem.
Indeed Roberts, the kernel was recently update in testing, from 2.6.21
to 2.6.22. I was able to briefly restart with the 2.6.21 still installed
(but only with a console because of nvidia proprietary driver which
require recompilation) but the keys were not working. Still if I
remember well, things start not to work before this kernel update. 

I've also just tested the xev program mentionned by Celejar. Indeed, my
www key ("Fn" + F3) throw an event but not the 2 luminosity keys. Can
this be changed my a software configuration ?

I'm sure I've never installed a specific module for those keys to work.
In fact I thought (and I still wonder if) the functionnality was
directly taken in charge by the motherboard because it works the same
way under win XP as under Linux (when it worked). That's why I said I
suspected a program to "intercept" the key, thus preventing the signal
from reaching the motherboard. This was my empirical interpretation but
I'm maybe seeing things a wrong way.

Still, is there a place where keys are enabled or disabled ? 


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