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Re: system time - thank you

Chris Bannister wrote:
On Thu, Sep 20, 2007 at 01:14:16PM +0200, daniele pendenza wrote:
Just to make it clear to everyone interested - also in the future :

1 - 'hwclock --show' : reads by its own the content of '/etc/adjtime' (if this file does not exist the dafault(*) is localtime) to understand if the RTC is in UTC or LOCALTIME than it shows, after a conversion if
			Is that meant to be then?
necessary, the time in localtime.

2 - ' hwclock --show --utc' : _I_ explicitly_ say - no matter if this is the truth or not - to hwclock that the RTC is in UTC, than it shows t
Is that meant to be then? he
time got from the hardware, after a conversion.

3 - 'hwclock --show --localtime' : _I explicitly_ say - no matter if this is the truth or not - to hwclock that the RTC is in LOCALTIME, than it shows the time got from the hardware,without a conversion.
  Is that meant to be then?

Sorry to be picky, but it all seems rather confusing.

Hi Chris,

To be honest I became quite sad reading this answer. I just consider your message a way to roughly underline and to impolitely show to the community my mistake in english writing thAn being of help in understanding the hwclock behavior. I don't think that phrase - even with a thAn replacing thEn - can lead to misunderstanding because - if I am not wrong - there is nothing to compare inside the phrase. And, also, if some misunderstanding could arise some experiments along with reading of the man page show you what I meant - _if one's willing is to understand_. Nonetheless, I appreciate the fact that my grammar's error came up : one must learn from his errors.

In case anyone else has been confused or driven to a wrong way by my mistake, pardonnez moi please !

As it sometimes happens - and this is the case - only the bad things are noticed not the good ;)



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