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ipw3945 wireless card fails to access the web

I am able to detect wifi zones but not join them.

At least you know the driver is correctly installed

In my interface file shouldnt there be a section on
hotplugging ?. Dont I need a section on eth2

If you want your wireless network to be brought up on boot then you need an entry for eth2 in /etc/network/interfaces.

A hotplug entry is only useful if you're switching your radio on and off or if it's a PCMCIA card that you regularly plug in and remove.  I don't know if Debian has existing scripts which will magically invoke the 'ifup' tool to configure/remove interfaces as they're removed.

Exactly what you need to do to connect your wireless gizmo depends a bit on exactly what gizmo it is (there are a few different tool sets around) and what authentication you're using - WPA-PSK is OK for most home use; businesses should prefer TKIP.  So, what gizmo do you have? "lspci -v" might help you.

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