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Compaq Presario F572US

I would like to share my experience with installing Debian Linux on
Compaq mentioned in topic, aka P500.
1. Skill level needed to install Debian Linux: moderate
2. Process of installation:
I inserted Debian x64 CD1, then proceeded. It hanged once, but next
time it went fine. After restart it wasn't able to start X, though.
3. Further configuration:
a) I instantially started moving to SID from stable. One of the first
moves was installing kernel 2.6.22 instead of 2.6.18
b) Installing binary nvidia drivers was relatively easy (m-a a-i nvidia)
c) Very annoying hang ups, relatively often. Messing with kernel
command line options. Started with acpi=off, then added irqpoll, went
through apicmaintimer. Eventually I stayed with noapic, which is
recommended for many boards on many places in internet. Still hangups.
d) Disabling bcm43xx kernel driver for wireless adapter and using
ndiswrapper instead. It healed hang ups. Probably chipset is not
working with the first one yet.
e) Continuing move to SID. Without hangups it went smooth.
f) Installing special keys. A lot of googling. Volume/Mute started to
work after installing hotkeys* packages. For brightness I had to
modprobe video (ACPI thing, not automatically detected)

What worked out of the box:
a) touchpad, mouse
b) network adapter (forcedeth)
c) sound (microphone not tested, though)

What is still waiting:
a) trying suspend to ram and to disk
b) trying switching video output between S-Video, external monitor and
internal monitor
c) getting the rest of special keys to work (couldn't find a good
working example, though)
d) tweaking energy saving (cpufreq, powerd?), laptop mode tools
already configured
e) mplayer in chroot for non-free codecs
f) minor issues with network:
- despite installing laptop-net, system still waits some seconds
during boot for obtaining IP address (DHCP) on LAN, while cable is
- with ndiswrapper I have to manually modprobe ndiswrapper/ifup wlan0
- with ndiswrapper in /etc/modules wifi light was always on, ignoring
wifi switch position

That's all for now - I wanted to share my experience and ask others
about their opinions with Debian on this computer.


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