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Re: Choosing Hardware

> Interesting - that's a pre-Lenovo one?

No, the X60 is recent and definitely post-IBM.

> My understanding was that Lenovo had publicly declared that they weren't
> interested in supporting Linux, which was a bit of a turnoff for me.

It wouldn't surprise me that they've stated something like that.
OTOH they were recently quoted as announcing they're going to sell machines
with GNU/Linux pre-installed.  I wouldn't hold my breath any more than for
Dell in this respect, but at least it seems that they're not ignoring
GNU/Linux altogether (e.g. they provided a patch for my T60's ethernet card
whose checksum was broken, even though that only affected the GNU/Linux
driver because the Windows driver apparently never bothered to check the

> The X60s is small, too - I think I'd rather have a larger screen
> than that.

Yes, the 1024x768 is a bit limiting (I have an X30).  They're very good
machines otherwise, especially if you're into lightweight and long
battery life.

> Yes, the weight is a bit of a pain - heavier (and larger) than my current
> Tecra 8100. I'm hoping it will be sufficiently better that it's worth
> carrying :-) I think I can cope with a bit of extra weight and size if it
> means a decent size screen. I intend to get rid of my (home) desktop.

Try one of the Thinkpad Txx with 14" 1400x1050 screens.  They're a great
compromise, but you'll have to be careful to avoid the ones with the dreaded
recent (i.e. only supported through the proprietary driver) ATI chipsets.

As someone else said: you may want to look at older machines.  E.g. T42
instead of T60 or T61.  They're cheaper but work just as well (not much
slower, really) and usually better supported.


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