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Welcome to Ringo!

Hi Laptop,

Thank you for registering with Ringo!

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Add photos and videos, see what your friends have uploaded, or create personalized photo gifts... all at http://www.ringo.com:
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Ringo is photo and video sharing made easy. Add friends, photos or videos, and we do the rest. We'll deliver your friends' newest photos and videos, plus comments, right to your inbox. Add all of your friends in just a few clicks. And Ringo is totally free!

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Save 20%! Create your own personalized calendar with images from you and your friends and save 20% on your creation! Use coupon code "RingoWelcome" during photo printing checkout to receive your one-time discount.

Thanks for using Ringo. Stay in touch!

Ringo, 222 Sutter St, 5th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94108
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