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Re: SO-DIMM size for IBM ThinkPad 570

Michelle Konzack wrote:
> Hello *,
> I have a very well working ThinkPad 570 (P2/366) with on 64MByte and one
> 128 MByte Module.  I like to know, which is the maximum size for the SO
> DIMM's since I like to add TWO 256 MByte modules.
> Does anyone know, whether this is possibel?
> I have a Workststion using a P2/350 and while increased the memory from
> 3 x 64 MBytes to 4 x 128 MBytes the speed increased nearly by twice.

You can try to find this at www.kingston.com . Search by model to find
outdated systems...

Since now I was guessing you use high-end only....?


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